A Winter's Nap

Our gardens are now taking their winter's nap. Gardeners appreciate this time away from the daily maintenance and care to allow us time to reflect on the upcoming spring season. Will there be a makeover? Will I add those highly coveted perennials? How about some new, low maintenance shrubs or trees? I love this time of year to ponder over the catalogs that arrive daily. I think of what I could tuck into a special spot or what might need to be moved to make room for a new cultivar. Soon it will be time to make those decisions and I can't wait! The same is true in the Southern Butler County Garden Club....While we take a two month break from our meetings, members are busy behind the scenes planning our exciting upcoming club year. Please be sure to check back and like us on Facebook so you will be informed of our meeting dates and upcoming events. We would love to have you visit this year to meet our exciting group of garden enthusiasts! Our first meeting of the year will be on Wednesday March 29th at 7:15pm (Please note, due to a scheduling conflict this is a one time change from our typical meeting date of the fourth Tuesday of the month). We look forward to seeing you then. "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant" -Anne Bradstreet


Karen Faust

President, Southern Butler County Garden Club