Winter Rest - Planning for Spring

While we and our gardens take a rest from our labor of love, it's time to make a list of what grew well and produced either flowers or food for us last season. We need to make sure to note anything that did not do as well as  hoped and research what's needed to optimize production in our gardens for the coming year.

This is a good  time to consider a new planting bed or re-work an old one. Sketching and designing, deciding what plants to select or eliminate. This time of year, many of us receive seed and plant catalogs (if you don't, there are great resources online to view) that can spark ideas. 

If you are a bird lover, perhaps you are enjoying seeing all of the winter birds at your feeder. Bird watching is such fun when you can't be out in the garden. The birds offer the hope to us that spring isn't too far off and with that, our Club meetings will resume. Looking forward to seeing you in March! 


Alicia Garrison & Rita Mack

Co-Presidents, Southern Butler County Garden Club