What an honor

Our Club was recently notified that we received a very prestigious honor...the Violet S. Thorn Award. This award is given by the CAR-SGC (Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs). This region is made up of seven states, including Delaware, Maryland, National Capital Area, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

As stated by the CAR-SGC "Garden Clubs across our region perform outstanding work in our communities year round. Many of these Clubs are recognized by our State organizations and have the opportunity to be considered for awards from the CAR-SGC and National Garden Clubs, Inc. The primary purpose of these awards is to recognize excellence above the State level". 

Congratulations to the members of the Southern Butler County Garden Club for all of the outstanding work you do in the community and within the membership to share your knowledge of gardening!

CAR 2020


Alicia Garrison & Rita Mack

Co-Presidents, Southern Butler County Garden Club